Optrans America

About Us


Global leader. Global force.

Optrans America— the unparalleled choice to provide better, faster, smaller, less expensive industry solutions — to bring your project to light.


Bringing to Light

Global industry leader in research, development and manufacturing of high-end, custom-design optoelectronic devices and systems for OEMs. In 1987, Optrans established its global headquarters in Kawasaki, Japan. In 1994, Optrans America opened its United States office in New York State.  


Tomorrow’s Technology Today

Optrans America combines extensive internal custom engineering expertise with the most up-to-date manufacturing process­es to create a broad spectrum product line and packag­ing, including: UV LEDs, Visible LEDs, IR LEDs, POINT SOURCE LEDs, Photodiodes and Phototransistors. 

By exceeding customer expectations to build long-term business relationships, the Optrans team encourages open communication, flexibility and a true collaborative approach, as well as their guarantee of superior customer service and optimum product quality. 

With the development and manufacture of Indium Phosphide (InP) wafers and unique packaging, Optrans continues to be poised to meet the growing demand in the microelectronics and telecommunication industries.